Support areas

The Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship is an organizational unit of the Lublin City Hall, carrying out tasks in the field of:

  • Preparation of city development strategies as well as programs and plans, including long-term investments,
  • stimulating economic growth, initiating, forecasting and coordinating the socio-economic development of the city of Lublin and The Lublin Metropolitan Area,
  • implementation of programs conducive to the development of entrepreneurship in the city, including education and supporting entrepreneurial attitudes,
  • creating and managing the functioning of economic activity areas in the city of Lublin,
  • cooperation with (science/ R&D) institutions,
  • coordinating and taking activities in the Smart City field,
  • implementation of international economic cooperation projects,
  • economic promotion of the city of Lublin,
  • establishing cooperation with (business)associations, clusters, business support organizations (business/startup accelerators) , economic and scientific communities to grow attention to the economic development of the city of Lublin,
  • supporting local startup communities and initiatives.

We work with various groups of stakeholders on a daily basis, from entrepreneurs considering locating their business in the city, economic entities operating in the city in the broadly understood industrial and services sectors, owners and originators of startup initiatives, business environment institutions (including science and technology parks, business incubators, technology transfer centers, etc.), universities and colleges, other educational institutions educating at various levels, other teams and organizational units of the Lublin City Hall, ending directly with residents for whom, among others, dedicated programs for the development of entrepreneurial attitudes are tailored.

Actions taken by us are of the following nature:

  • informative – we provide comprehensive information on the socio-economic development of the city and the region, monitor the implementation of the city’s (development) strategy and prepare report on the city’s condition every year,
  • promotional – which manifests itself, inter alia, in publishing information about the potential of business entities, universities and organizations operating in the city or about organized by us scientific and economic events,
  • networking – we engage in, inter alia, building and developing Lublin’s economic ecosystems, networks of contacts and cluster initiatives.

We implement projects related to the (widely understood) cooperation within the triple helix: meant as the meeting point for local government, business and science. We take care of the availability of highly qualified personnel by getting involved in recruitment processes at Lublin universities, adapting the fields of study to the needs of employers or commercialization of knowledge (and research and development activities).

We provide an individual approach to each case. We do our best to make Lublin an innovative European metropolis, a city perfect for living, studying and working, with the widespread use of intelligent solutions in the field of (economy), transport and ecology.